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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to deal with a jealous friend

How to deal with a jealous friend

At times in a friendship, things just choose not to workout. It might be that you have discovered an old friend to be now jealous. Yes, it's true that when a friendship is no longer progressing, the safest method is to gradually ignoring their moves.

Dealing with a jealous friend is not all about paying back jealousy, but it's all about letting close ones know who they are while at the same time, ignoring their moves. Before I let you know how to deal with a jealous friend, I will first wish that you know some of the things that can cause a friend to be jealous.

Why some friends decide to be jealous

There are certain things in a friendship that can cause a friend to be jealous, but for some friends, they won't consider them as a cause for jealousy. For instance, a girl can be happy or proud among her friends over her guy who always showers her with lots of gifts and expensive jewelry.

This is one of the situstions that brings out jealousy among friends. This is because, while all the friends will be happy for her, behind her back they will be at least one that would want it to have been her, and this is how jealousy starts.

There are also many factors that can bring in jealousy like having many material possessions, having good grades than other, and even popularity calls for jealousy. For some people, there were just born jealous. In this article, I will give you some step-by-step procedures which you can follow in order to deal with a jealousy friend.

How to deal with a jealous friend

Dealing with jealous friend is not all about breaking up with them, but I want you to know that you can still deal with them without breaking up your friendship. The first thing to do is to get enough facts about them.

When it's enough, you can approach them and let them know that you are not please for what is happening by explaining with clear facts. In most cases, someone who was just angry on your path and wanted to retaliate with jealousy will immediately adjust.

Let your closest people know

This is because, when someone starts being jealous, he or she starts projecting the impression on to others about you. Now, what happens if you must have told them the attitude of your jealous friend? You will noticed that the impact their will have over your closed ones and others will not be effective. So, in order to deal with them, you have to let others know the truth.

Not everyone have the chance to tell others about jealous friend. If this is the case with you, whenever they gossip about you, just ignore it. Following them ups and downs will not change any bit. This is because, jealous people have no other better profession rather than gossiping about people. This is what consumes most of their time.

They have no serious matter more than trying to ruin the life of people. After all such actions can't affect people who are confident. People who are confident of their selves don't need anybody to tell them what they are. So, what can you do to such people other than ignoring them? It's left to you.

In return of all their actions, continue with your usual life style and routine. This is so due to the fact that people have intelligence. They know how to compare two things and make judgment. Concentrate in your schoolwork, job or your day-to-day activities.

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