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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to deal with a friend moving away

How to deal with a friend moving away

One of the pleasant gifts life has offered us is the friendship we have with others. However, when it's certain that the ones we loved best are moving away, we at times feel bad. We feel bad not only because they are moving away, but due to the fact that we would not be able to replace them with anyone.

Yes, it's true that we can have other friends, but it's certain that they will never possess the characters of our loved ones. At times, it's beyond our wish that they are moving away especially when high circumstances prevail, nature then takes its stand.

It could be that they are moving away as a result of further education, a visit, moving to another state or country.

Whatsoever the reason, since it has happened, the only option left is how to deal with the problem. In order to successfully pass through this stage, I will give you some simple steps which can help deal with a friend moving away.

How to deal with a friend moving away

  • Farewell party: Before most people want to leave, they usually organize a farewell party. This is the chance for you to express your goodbye wishes. If no party was organized, then, you can invite them out to share your last moment before they leave. This process brings out your interest and love for them.
  • Present them durable gifts: On the eve of their travel, present them some gifts. Not just any gift, but gifts that last long before they are destroyed. You can give bracelet, necklace etc. Remember that the essence behind this is to make them always remember you. This is so because, anytime they see it, they will tend to remember the source.
  • Go and escort them: One of the best ways you can show a friend that he or she is loved is by escorting them to the agency or airport. This is one of the things that a real friend will never forget about you. Wherever they are, they will always remember your days.
  • Collect every contact details: In order to deal with a friend moving away, you must make sure that you get as much information as possible. This is nothing more than collecting relevant contact details. All these information will help when he or she must have traveled. With this, you can always be connected by either phone or the various ways through the internet.
  • There is nothing to be upset: Don't be upset for that your friend is moving away. There is one thing very common, which is that, wherever they go, they will still come back one day. Therefore, on your path, you can still make some new friendss around. Who knows, they can even appear to be the best match for you.

Dealing with a friend moving away

Before you know, everything will be normal if you managed to practically apply the above procedure. You won't regret anything and on your path you will be okay about the whole thing.

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