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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to deal with a friend breakup

How to deal with a friend breakup

Breakup comes into a friendship when it's certain that the relationship is no longer working out or that we have to change social group. Despite all the reasons behind breaking up with a friend, there is really one issue that worries a lot.

Breaking up with a friend is not all about ending the friendship but rather, how to interact each time you by chance meet them. This is one of the things that makes it difficult for some people to forget their loved ones after breakup.

Dealing with a friend breakup is nothing more than programing your mind to accept that the relationship is over with them.

This is the first step that should be taken in order to get rid of such person. This is because, if you don't accept the fact, you'll continue dwelling with the person thus making it difficult to get over them.

How to deal with a friend breakup

Today I will show you how you can successfully deal with a friend breakup within the shortest period + and what you should do whenever you meet them somewhere by chance.

  • Acceptance process: In order to deal with a friend's breakup, you must first accept the fact that nothing still exists between both of you. This is because; our minds work in a certain pathern. If you managed to accept the reality, then, your mind will begin the recovery process.
  • No string attached: Before you can successfully deal with such person, you make sure that nothing common is existing between both of you. This is nothing more than deleting all their text massages, mails, contact number, pictures, and in some instances, return their properties you took such as cloth, books or anything that belongs to them.
  • Create alternatives: If you want to forget someone who was your best friend, then you have to create alternatives. Creating alternatives is nothing more than making new friends that will replace your old friend. If you can make other good friends, you will certainly get over them within the shortest time.
  • Program others: In order to deal with a friend breakup, you have to avoid all aspect of your victim. That is, let your other friends know that you're no longer a friend to x. Plead with your friends not to interact with your victim until a certain time (surely when you must have get over he/she).
  • Be yourself: Breaking up with a friend doesn't mean that you're not going to by chance meet them somewhere. When you do, just be yourself while on the other hand behave as if nothing had happened.

Dealing with friend's breakup

In some cases, while you'll be trying to avoid such a friend, they will in return try to intimidate you or try to come close to you.

In situation when they mock at you, ignore it and when they try to come close, threaten them or make them aware that next time you're going to take legal action against them. If they are not....they will scare away.

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