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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to comfort someone who feels unloved

How to comfort someone who feels unloved

If you have a friend or a family member who feels unloved, know that there're many things that you can do to make them know they are loved.

Making someone to feel he or she is loved is not about telling them that they're loved but rather, it's a gradual process that makes them feel loved. This is nothing more than bringing out their importance and showing them the right path.

Many people at times confuse between unloved and unattractiveness. While Unattractiveness is when someone isn't interesting as a result of poor self-image etc, feeling unloved doesn't necessarily mean someone is not attractive, but rather it's just a sign that he or she is lacking loved ones around.

Today, I will show you some of the relevant steps to comfort someone who feels unloved.

How to comfort someone who feels unloved

In order to make someone feel loved; you have to make them believe that they still have people who love and care for them such as yourself and others. Make them see your love and quote examples of their friends and family members who loved them as well. Make them know that, if all these people can love them, then others can still do the same if they appear to also show love to others.

Before you can comfort someone, you must make sure that he or she is someone who likes to be loved by others (some are like that). If you notice this in them, then, socializing with the person will make him or her feel loved. This is because, when we start socializing, we start meeting different people with their different love criteria. This way he or she may one day finds a right match.

Another way you can comfort a friend who feel unloved is by associating with them. This is nothing more than having a tour round town and visiting new places. Share many good things together and talk about other things. Before you know, he or she will get rid of such thoughts.

Final words about comforting someone

When rendering all these forms of help, you have to be serious about it. That's, if you have decided to comfort a friend, show them nothing but genuine love and interest. This is because, if you try to comfort them without genuine intention, in return it will worsen the situation.

This process also makes them believe they were right; they're unloved. In order to do your homework properly, always bring out your real qualities.

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