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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become friend with a stranger

How to become friend with a stranger

I decided to write this article because one of my readers was into this situation. She is a student who moved to another apartment. Her biggest problem was how to approach her next-door neighbor as a friend so I decided to write this article for all my readers.

Becoming friend with a stranger is not all about persuading him here and there, but it all depends on the manner of your approach. This is so because, until a stranger finds an interest in you, they won't response back as a real friend.

All you have to do is to know few things about them, which I am going to explain in this article. Today I will focus on how to make a stranger more receptive even both of you just met each other for the first time.

Express friendly greetings

greeting to your victim. In most of my articles on friendship and issues, I usually give credit to greetings. This is a vital step of starting relationship.

This is so since no one rejects greeting coming from someone whom he or she doesn't know (a stranger). Once you express greeting to your victim, even it's just 'hello' they will response back and surely with a smile.

If this process can be repeated each time you guys meet, you'll notice that, even you pretend not see them on the next meeting; they will greet or call your attention. It's but normal that at a certain level, you will discover that you people are now feeling ease among each other. This is the period that you can further show additional concern by kindly telling each other your names.

Comment on something about them

As a stranger, it's certain that there are many things about him that you don't yet know. What I am talking about are things like his dressing style, his other friends, shoes, hairstyle etc. By making a little compliment as 'wow you look good today!', 'this shoes must have cost you', I like this hairstyle' will make them drawn to you.

As time goes on, you will know many things about them like their likes and dislikes. At this stage, you can start asking their choices in life and favorite moments. During this time, you will also know if they are someone who like hanging out. If they are, ask them to hang out with you or attend a program or party together.

Conversation can also be used to start a friendship. This is very simple in the sense that, majority of people are highly attracted to their victim by conversation even if they appear to be very shy. Shy people are less talkative, but when the subject becomes interesting, they will start talking thereby resulting to friendship.

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