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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to avoid a friend

How to avoid a friend

Some people choose to completely end their relationship with someone at once. Others prefer to tell their victim directly that the friendship is over. For the third group, they choose to start by avoiding their friends.

While all these people are not very wrong in their decision, still ending a friend in a harsh manner is not the answer. Rather, since no human being can guarantee the next day, it's better ending a friendship by starting to avoid the victim rather than a mad approach.

I want you to know that it's more easy to part a friend than to make a friend. Avoiding a friend is not all about telling them your mind but rather it's a gradual system that shows your friend that the relationship has to end.

Step-by-step procedures on how to avoid a friend

When avoiding a friend, you don't have to fight or use emotional words at them. This is because, when you do such things, you will remember each other as a result of it. This is because the subconscious mind doesn't easily forget action. In return, make yourself to be scares.

By using this kind of approach, they will believe you've change social class and as a result, the relationship will loss intimacy and soon breaks on its own.

In order to avoid a friend, you must always make yourself unreachable. This is nothing more than knowing when they usually come to you and on your path, leave before time. When they come all the times and go without seeing you, they will eventually loss hope of meeting you again.

Anytime time they call, try to make them convinced that you have been busy all this while and as things are showing, you'll never have enough time as before (it may be true).

Make your friend feel inferior

Another good approach to make your avoided friend realize you have nothing to do with them is socializing with other friends more than with them. This way, they will believe that your level has changed and they're no more your caliber or type.

I am not saying you should associate with those of higher class as this will also affects you, but what am trying to make you know is socializing with others closed to your victim. This way, they will be provoked to find themselves another friend.

It's without doubt that at certain point you will meet them in situation you can't avoid. In this case, since you can't take your leave, discuss with them but without expressing too much love and smile.

Be brief in what you have to say and never go into details. There's a logic here in the sense that, if this process can be repeated every time you see them, they will soon be the one to start avoiding you.

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