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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to attract someone you love

How to attract someone you love so much

Is it possible to make someone fall in love with you? Is it actually possible to attract the person you love? The answers to these questions are a big yes. Researchers further proof that when you’re in love with someone, you can silently ignite love in their minds even without their knowledge and I am going to explain how this is possible in this article.

The reason some people fail to attract their loved ones is highly due to the false belief they develop about the theory of love attraction. For example, they believe that before you attract someone, you must first possess the personality of super stars/models or at least possess certain abnormal qualities. But this is not true.

Others believe that in order to do this, one must play hard but this is way far from reality because attracting someone is not all about chasing them ups and downs with the I love you thing, rather it’s about learning how to occupy a greater portion of their minds.

Contrary to common beliefs, attracting someone you love is very simple if you appear to know and understand very few things about their love criteria (what they like and hate) and then manipulate them in order to fit in.

This therefore means that if you managed to ignite sweet thoughts and hormones in your victim’s mind even by 15%, gradually they will be attracted to you without you going beyond boundaries. I know you must be wondering how to do this, but don’t worry because there is always a way of doing it which I am going to explain here.

Why do some people fail to attract their loved ones?

Before I let you know how to attract someone you like, you must first know some of the reasons why some people still fail to attract their loved ones. At least this will help as guardian where they went wrong. The reasons are not difficult at all as it has to do with how they go about it and also the kind of thoughts they occupy their minds with. As I mentioned above, the kind of beliefs we hold concerning love (the theory of love attraction) greatly influenced our courage and the ability to draw a potential partner to us.

For example, believing that you need to be resourceful before you can be loved hinders your chances. In my book ‘How to make someone fall in love with you’, I explained the step-by-step process how you can attract a potential partner to yourself without having to go beyond who you are. This equally means that you don’t have to deform your appearance, personality or to acquire wealth or social statue before you can make someone fall in love with you.

This is how to attract someone you love so much

  • Appear to be wanted by other boys/girls: If you managed to make your victim understand that you’re being demanded by other boys/girls, automatically, they will find you attractive than before. Researcher, Lazarus Puakonah proofs that the attractiveness of a person is increased when members of the opposite sex scramble for him/her. In one of my articles ‘what attracts people to each other?’, I said that people get attracted to a person especially when others find the person attractive/important in their lives. So making them know even by 15% how you’re being demanded by other males/females will certainly double the chance of making them perceive you as a match for them.
  • Uniqueness and attraction: If you’re already close to the person, then make them know that you’re unique from other lovers they met in the past. Let them know that your type/caliber is rare and seeing someone like you again is almost impossible. This is because when we find something unique in our lives we tend to protect it and the same way happens in love relationships. If they understood that your class is rare they will find you very precious to them. This therefore means that you have to make them know that having another person like you is not easy. Make them understand that you’re different from others and different from the people they met in the past. This process will gradually be done through your daily interaction with them.
  • Allow others to compliment you: With this approach, all you need to do is to let others compliment you in front of your victim in your absence. A good friend of yours or someone closed to them can do this better for you. The person does not necessarily need to exaggerate the process or tell some hideous lies; all he/she needs to do is compliment you with sweet phrases in your absence. For example, saying something like he’s a future star, I guess people like her because of her popularity, she’s romantic, he resembles Mr. X will certainly increases your attractive level in their minds’ eyes.
  • Emotional needs: Another way in which you can attract someone you love is by fulfilling their emotional needs. This is nothing more than appearing as some kind of emotional support to them. For example, if you noticed that they lack courage, show them that you’re a confident person. If you discovered that they are lonely, show them comfort and entertainment. This is how the gradual theory of love attraction works.
  • Boost your prestige without being showy: One of the biggest mistakes people usually do when trying to make someone fall in love with them is that, they directly boost to show who they are and what their possessions. If they knew that this process hinders their successes, they would have quit such strategy or tried other ways. For example, if someone enters and tells you that he has parked a luxurious BMW outside, it will sound weird to you than if some other person enters holding the keys of a luxurious BMW. Most likely, you will find the second person to be loyal, gentle and respectable, right? This therefore means that show and boost very well but do so indirectly or pretend to be ignorant and with this approach they will be the one to raise your prestige.

Final say on how to attract someone you love

According to the few illustrations above, attracting someone you love is not that difficult as many people may conclude. It’s just all about knowing few things about your victim and appearing to be some kind of match to them.

What I mentioned above are just few of the methods since I have already compiled the complete step-by-step procedures including practical examples in my book. So get a copy of it.

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