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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to attract a guy back to you

How to attract a guy/boy you broke up with

When a relationship isn’t up to a healthy point, it's but normal for temporal misunderstandings and sometimes – temporal breakups. To me, this process seems normal but the only problem here is when things aren’t getting any better.

Today, I’d be showing you some of the methods and procedures on how to attract a guy back to you. But before you can really understand the attraction process better, you must first understand some of the things that, in most cases lead to breakups and this include your relationship as well. At least, this helps you avoid any in future.

What causes breakups in most relationships?

  • Relationship burden: One aspect that is sufficient enough to make him give a gap in the relationship is how both of you carryout the relationship. Since the intention of most relationships, if not all, is to be fruitful, if a guy discovers that his is some kind of burden, he’ll start pulling away. That’s why a certain psychologist once said 'when a person is pleased with his partner, he gets closer" and the reverse of this statement is true.
  • Relationship dependency: Another point which can make a guy escape even if he loves his girl is when she creates an atmosphere of financial exploitation or some kind of means of problem solving solution. Guys really get upset over such things. If he discovered his role as such, it’s certain he’ll start behaving the way he did.
  • Relationship cheating: Other factors such as cheating can also be held responsible. For example, if he finds a new catch - someone who matches the highest of his love criteria, he’ll immediately switch relationship thus start giving gap which finally graduate to breakup itself.

How to attract a guy back to you

Attracting your guy back is completely free and very simple if knew just what to do. In my book How to get your ex back in few days, I said that; if he once loved you and later broke up, you can use the psychology of love criteria in order to attract him back in just few days. Before someone falls in love with you, you must have already matched his love map/criteria, and if they broke up, it means that somewhere along the line, these criteria weren’t met in the relationship again.

Therefore, the first step will be to reflect on certain changes that might have occurred in resent times either on your part or his. For instance, if you noticed that, at first you openly show interest for him, then maintaining that previous state will certainly match his love criteria again. If you think of any change, start correction it today. The more corrections you make, the more he’d be attracted again.

Express genuine concern in his activities

In order to attract a guy back to you, you must also try to show some degree of concern for his likes/hobbies. Remember that the reason for this is to get your guy back even if you don’t enjoy participating in such things. The essence behind this is to share some common interest again.

Researchers showed that 90% of people who get bored or leave before the end of a public discussion is because the topic wasn’t favorable and this illustration reflects same aspect when trying to attract a guy back to you. In order to impress your guy, you have to notice what he likes and adapt yourself to it so as to make him feel important. This way, no one really has to show him the change in you.

Finally, do a face-to-face confrontation

If all the above doesn’t work out well, then sorting it face-to-face with him will make a huge difference. All you need to do is to program yourself according to his schedule. But if he wouldn’t accept, then, surprising him at a convenient time will do it.

Talk out your mind and make apology if it were your fault. Make him see reasons for your viewpoints. If you managed to give him enough reasons, he’ll consider his actions. The essence behind all this is just to get your guy back again.

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