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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to ask your money from a friend

How to ask your money from a friend

Asking your money from a friend can be a little bit though when they don't want to pay you back. Yes, it's without doubt that, at times some friends borrow money or items and don't pay.

While others don't pay because of certain circumstances beyond their wish, others choose to willingly own it while in their possession.

In one of my article, tips before lending something to a friend, I explained some of the step you have to consider before lending money or anything to a friend.

Since asking money to such people can be complicated, today i will show you some simple ways by which you can ask your money to a friend without making them upset or leaving behind problems.

Procedures to ask your money from a friend

  • Remind them before the due date: If your friend is someone who is hard in returning what they took, then, reminding them before the due period will be the first step. This is nothing more than programing their minds once in a while by reminding them of the final date in a friendly manner.
  • Let them know you're desperate: Make them know that you're desperately in need of the money. In order not to make them upset, when asking, be polite while on the other side, be very firm about it.
  • Give them facts: Tell them that in order for you to pay your rent or other bills, you need the money. Make them know that without this money you're be in big trouble. Try to make he or she see the consequences that will be on you because you helped them.
  • Build trust among them: When it's certain that they don't want to pay you back, don't argue or fight as these will result to too much than expected. Instead of fithing them, try to make them know that they can always come to you whenever they need more money, but before then, they have to pay the first one. In most cases, a wise friend will quickly pay before you can ask again.
  • Make them compare two things: If after a long time your friend doesn’t want to pay and you think the amount is too much, let them know that you do not want to see them again until that money is refunded. This could be a tricky way. This process depends on the level of the friendship and the amount in question. Ask them "Is my friendship to you worth $ to you? Because if you would like to keep the friendship then give me the money.

Final words on asking your money

If it's certain that they will not pay, accept the loss but if it's a huge sum of money. The last resort should be legal action. If they know you are about to take legal action, they will try to pay back the full amount or at least pay you half.

Before you take legal action, you must have necessary and clear evidence against them.

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