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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to apologise for offending your friend

How to apologise for offending your friend

Yes it's true that at one point in our lives we have offended a friend either by intention or by ignorance. For a friendship to exist there is bound to be misunderstanding and apology. These are some of the things that bring out the differences between friends.

This is so because, unless something goes wrong among friends, they can't know who their friends are and how they response to misunderstandings or insult.

In order to keep up a friendship going, you must admit your fault and this is nothing more than apologizing for it. It's true that after misunderstanding on your path, you have to apologize but one thing most people don't know is the fact that apologizing to your friend isn't the problem but the manner in which you approach them for apology.

Ways to apologize for offending your friend

  • Tell your friend it wasn't an intention: In order to apologize for offending your friend, you must first convince them to believe it wasn't an intention to upset or hurt them. Until you make them know that they didn't get your point well, they won't believe you.
  • Boost up your friend: Tell them that anyone would have done the same way if they were in your friend's position. At the same time, raise their moral by making them know that they’re not stupid or foolish. This is because, if a friend got upset inside a conversation with you, they tend to believe that it was because they're stupid.
  • Be serious: If some comes to you and tell a bad news while at the same time, expressing smiles. Would you believe him? Certainly not! This is the same situation here. When apologizing to your friend, you don't smile or make jokes at them. This is not the best time for pranks. Instead, show he or she that you're totally serious and regret what happened.
  • No one is perfect: Before you effectively convince your friend to accept your apology, you must first make he or she knows that as humans, we are subject to mistakes. Make he or she knows that for the fact that this thing happens can't destroy the friendship you guys have managed to build all this while.
  • Use someone to program your friends mind: If you have someone that has fallen in such situation before (someone close or a friend), take he or she along. He/she will explain how he was involve into the same or similar prank but didn't take it seriously. This is just to make your upset friend believe that it's not something to be angry or upset for.

Final words on apologizing for offending a friend

Make them know that everybody gets upset at some point in life. Nobody is being singled out and there is no one target for pranks. Tell him or her times when you were pranked and you felt the same way.

Finally, ask them to forgive you and if you both can still be friend. Certainly, they will accept if you managed to practically apply the above steps.

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