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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Do men only care about looks?

Do men only care about looks?

In rare cases would one deny that men put great emphasis on women's physical looks and that women also tend to find men attractive when they appear to be ambitious or resourceful in life.

Many women believe that men only care about looks and so ignore other great qualities that spice up the physical attraction of a woman. The truth is that while the majority of men would find a woman appealing based on her sight attraction, yet sometimes they go just beyond that.

In this article I'm going to explain how men not only care about looks but go beyond just that. Below are some of the criteria that men also tend to consider, sometimes even unconsciously.

Do men only care about looks?

In most cases you'll discover that the concept of looks highly depends on the man. That's why a man brought up from a high status background and value the fact will rarely find a woman attractive if she's not his caliber, compared to a normal class man.

This means that if you didn't like your looks and came from such background, men of these natures will find you more appealing than if they never valued racism.

The same thing happens if the man came from a normal background and just needed a wife, he won't probably find you attractive if you didn't posses a nice physical appearance. When a man is after beauty your high background nor status won't really impress him than what he sees in you.

Some woman compare themselves with celebrities and popular stars, then tend to feel they're not their equals or that good looking. The truth is that when a man finds a lady attractive he doesn't compare her with celebrities on TV or other women. In my book, I said that the concept of attraction depends on the individual and he defines it based on certain criteria hard coded in his mind.

What are your other qualities?

It's true most men care much about physical looks especially on the first meeting but looking at it on the long run is another thing. You'll see that some men go beyond just looks in issue such as marriage.

It's true that if you're that beauty they'll be scrambling after you. These scramblers include relationship players, temporal lovers and those interested in making a future wife out of you.

Men will be rushing but those interested in marriage won't find you interested if you're lagging in marital qualities, while men putting less emphasis in marriage will find you really really amazing.

Each man defines attractiveness

Some men only care about looks when it resonates with their criteria for women. I strongly believe no one is that ugly because no matter how a person looks, someone is somewhere searching for him/her.

That's why you may be worrying about your facial feature while that's just a perfect match to someone. Or that you're worrying while the man in question is considering but your body shape or your buttock even, or some other qualities in you.

Apart of looks men do have other qualities that they find in women even unconsciously. A man who dislikes huge women is rarely going to find a woman's looks appealing if she's huge, while another man who thinks that huge women give birth to healthy children is likely going to find one interesting if she matches this quality.

Do men only care about looks?

As you can see, while it's very common among men to find a woman's look appealing before initiating a relationship or contact, yet they also tend to consider other great qualities.

So many criteria batched themselves in order to define a woman's qualities in the eyes of men. Such criteria are usually formulated from societal norms, backgrounds, beliefs, past experiences and the overall attractiveness of the woman in question.

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