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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Dealing with friend who scams you for money

Dealing with friend who scams you for money

Many people make friends with different objectives. While some people get into a friendship to share common interest, others do so in order to exploit their friends for money or other material possessions.

When it comes to a friend who is always promising to pay you back and is always begging for money, and never seems to pay you the money, then it is time to put a stop to such big exploitation.

This makes your friend learn that payment is due or the friendship will be sorely tested based on their behavior.

How to deal with someone who scams you for money

In order deal with such friend who scams you for money, When going out with your constantly demanding friend, start refusing to pay the entry fee, drinks, cinema ticket, meal. Make your friend know that, you're only paying for yourself.

You can ease it by saying you can't afford it this time around (likely this is true anyway) and that you only have enough money for yourself.

Total up what is being owed, with their dates and scenes if possible. Present these facts to your friend, pointing out how much this has cost you so far and over what period of time. Tell your friend that you need to get it back as the money was meant for X bill or a payment on something etc. Provide them with facts and back up with your pressing need.

Give them a break if they lack understanding

You might feel a little mean but you're going to be even grouchier if this money scamming keeps going on and you end up paying for everything. Look it as a favor to your friend; until your friend learns to stand on their own two feet and pay their own way, they're not going to learn the true value of things and what the real cost is in having money (e.g hours at work, commitment to saving etc.).

Tell your friend is becoming a real strain on your finances and that their constant need for you to give them money or cover their expenses is making you feel obliged rather than part of an unconditional friendship.

Consider a break or even some new friends if your friend lacks understanding and gets upset or whines about your requests, and doesn't stop pestering you, it might be time to reconsider your friendship.

A friend who always needs money will always be a friend; is this friend truly one or not is the question you should be asking yourself and putting to the test.

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