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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

7 qualities of true love

7 qualities of true love

Unlike any other emotion we feel, love is just another emotion we feel for someone who appears to match our love map. That’s why some of us keep falling in and out of love because at one point, we’re influence by the hormones that trigger this emotion and so we develop love for the person.

When these hormones die off, we fall out of love. But when we’re encountered by another great match/partner for us, new hormones are developed that trigger powerful emotions that soon bear to become love. The process continues like that until we come across the rightful person and it settles.

Now, what has this got to do with true love? The role of true love comes in when we keep falling in and out of love or when we’re confronted with more than one partner to make the choice or to determine if our only partner possesses true love in return.

So, in order for us to completely make the choice we need to look through the lens of true love in order to make the rightful choice for us.

The 7 qualities of true love

Below are some of the qualities of true love that if someone possesses, then the person possesses true love for you. So the greater of the signs you see in them, the greater the chances of him/her possessing genuine love for you;

  1. True love is better or for worse: It’s no wonder why one of the covenants of marriage happens to be for better or for worse. This doesn’t happen by chance or some kind of mistake, it’s so because one of the qualities of true love happens to be nothing but faithfulness in times of trials, temptation and also when the going is good; the happy times. When you see lovers/couples experiencing true love, you’ll also see commitment regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Always there for you: When someone possesses true love, he/she is always available for your sight. If a person has genuine love, he tries to be always there for you no matter how tight or difficult his/her schedule might be. True love means sacrificing. Therefore, when you’re down, he’ll be there to raise you up, when you’re lost she’ll be there to find you, when you’re lonely he’ll be there to give you warm company.
  3. Calls you by name: One of the qualities of true love happens to be openness. When someone harbors true love for you, he calls you by name in front of his friends, parents and relatives. But be careful! This method is somehow frail in the sense that infatuated people also tend to call their victims by names. So, spotting out this method is just an added advantage.
  4. True love is loving anyway: Another quality of true is emotional-acceptance. When someone experiences true love for you, he doesn’t really care about your past life experiences or your poor/rich background. No matter what you did in the past or where you came from, he sees but the present and a bright future ahead. True love never sees what is irrelevant or unnecessary for the relationship but rather it sees but the present and the future.
  5. True love is what you feel not what you hear: A good sign of true love is what you feel about the other person rather than what others tell you about him/her. I come across many people whom their partners were recommended by their friends, parents or relatives. This is not how true love works. True love is what you feel deep down about a person and not what you’ve heard about them.
  6. True love is attention: When true love is experienced, you or the other person automatically creates time for each other. This is not something done forcefully but willfully. It just happens naturally. When true love is existing, you just can’t escape from it. Trying to withdraw is like trying to withdraw from yourself. This therefore means that true love is creating time for each other.
  7. True love is forgiving: One of the 7 qualities of true love is forgiveness. It’s this quality that has been the secret among successful couples. They use forgiveness as a core of their marriage and so nothing puts them apart. True love means forgiveness no matter the magnitude of the offence.

Final words on the 7 qualities of true love

As you can see from the above, true love is nothing more than what you experience deep down for someone rather than what you’ve been told or seen. That’s why it’s important for you only to access a partner and not others since you’re the one involved in the relationship.

So, in order to successfully make that choice, the list compiled above will certainly help you identify true love if you were in the mist of confusion and doubt

The more the signs you spot in your partner, the greater the chances that he/she possesses the qualities of true love. Good Luck.

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