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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

7 qualities of a good partner

7 qualities on how to know a good partner

One of the biggest mistakes most people usually do when considering the qualities of their partners is that, they usually focus on physical appearances thereby ignoring other qualities of their partners such as manners/life styles/characters and marital knowledge. For example, sometimes they may say some like he/she looks good or that he/she appears to be a wife/husband material just by assumptions. But is it possible to conclude such facts based on such grounds because you managed to spot out few things about them or their appearances?

It’s true that it’s physical appearances that starts almost all relationships but to certain extend, when it comes down to marriage, the qualities of a good partner go beyond what we see with the eyes, right? Research shows that when considering the qualities of a good partner, appearances happen to be just a minor factor.

During my university days I had a very good friend called Ivan. During one of the parties we usually attended together he met Joyce for the first time and expressed what he felt for her. Everything worked out well and based on what Ivan told me, it was certain that Joyce was his soul mate. A year after, it came to me as a surprise that they were preparing for their wedding after graduation but that didn’t bother me since we already talked about it. From then it didn’t take that long and he started complaining almost everything about her life style and attitudes toward others.

In the past most of the things both of them did surprised me but upon hearing of these complains, I was not moved because the manner in which he usually talked about Joyce’s marital qualities was just based on physical qualities, assumptions and nothing else. On a certain Sunday, we decided to visit the local beach. Before going, my intention was to talk out certain things on the nature of his relationship. When I did, among all the responses he gave, what touched me was when he said ’she is beautiful but not the marriage type’. Based on what he said, I realized he might have also noticed that one of the important factors determining the qualities of a good partner does not only base on outer qualities but also on internal criteria as well.

As you can see from the above illustration, when looking at someone’s qualities for relationship or marriage, you have to go beyond just what the eyes see. The following steps will point out some of the main factors that determine the qualities of a good partner.

7 qualities of a good partner you must know

  1. Accepts you for who you are: One of the qualities of a partner is the ability for him/her to accept you for who you are. This is because, some people are find with their partners only when things are good. They don’t like experiencing the other side of the person. But a good partner accepts you for who you are, and when things are rough, he is there for you.
  2. A good partner expresses his/her love spontaneously: They are not afraid to express their emotions, love, talk freely about their feelings, shows interest and does it intentionally. A good partner doesn’t need an occasion to express love to you. They do it spontaneously and usually perceive you as the most beautiful, glorious, magnificent and unique person in their lives. Other beautiful and handsome people may catch their attention but their minds remain with you.
  3. A good partner keeps his/her promises: One of the 7 qualities of a good partner is that he is polite, respectful, considerate and attentive to a partner’s needs under situation or condition. A good partner does not escape tough situations by lying as with the case of abusive spouses. If a good partner promises to call you, stop by, take you out or do something, he sticks to that no matter what. If he is unable to fulfill his promise, he gives a sensible explanation and not just lame excuses.
  4. A good partner is patient: A real partner for you won’t try to force you to be with them. They don’t behave in that way. Instead of forcing you, they will try to impress and make you see that they are worth your love. If you find a good partner you won’t have to worry about unwanted groping, date rape, or worse. They’ll take the time to get to know you and take things gradually at a pace you’ll be comfortable with. Good partners are humble people. They don’t need to beat their chest to show they are better, stronger, smarter, more successful than others. They don’t have that time.
  5. A good partner is supportive: A good partner understands the importance of individual growth even outside the relationship realm. He sees his partner’s successes as their achievements. He prefers encouraging the other partner to move forward as opposed to oppress her desires for expansion.
  6. A good partner always has time for you: A person who calls him/herself a real partner will always create time to be with you no matter how busy or crazy they appear to be. One of the qualities of a partner is that they never say things such as “Sorry, but I was busy with work”, “I’m tired”, “later” No! This is because, if they want to be with you, they will move mountains, cross continents, fly countries and will do anything just to be with you. Am very sure of that.
  7. A good partner bears his/her faults: Another quality a good partner has it that they admit they faults/mistakes and apologize for without considering the circumstances, but if you live with someone who does not accept his/her faults, shifts blames on to you or others, then there is a high probability he/she is not one of them.

Final say on the 7 qualities of a good partner you must know

If you had taking note of the above mentioned, you must have discovered that in most of the cases, a partner’s true qualities can’t be seen just the very few days after the first meeting. Before you can really identify what your partner is, you’ll have to make a small assessment of certain factors about them to see if they match some of the above qualities, right?

But remember that this is not something you can take few days as the human nature tends to be somehow complicated in the sense that you may spot out something about them which may not even be their quality but as a result of their circumstances.

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