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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

7 lessons I learned after giving up lies telling

7 experiences I learned after giving up lies telling

During my teenage years, I was very vest in imaginary creations. Most of the statements I made happened to be nothing but lies. The habit tortured me mostly in relationship issues and few came from other areas in life. It wasnít easy relying on me for truth as anything I said had to be researched again for its authenticity.

In this article, Iím not going to be talking on my past deeds, but will talk on the lessons I learned after giving up lies telling. But in case you want to know how I managed to get involved in lies telling, you can see it here; lies telling as a means of solution.

Basically, I was putting myself into more problems during my youthful period but I was actually doing what I liked. I usually see it as a means to get what I wanted without having to possess them or going the hard way. When I finally gave up the habit of lies telling, I learned 7 lessons, which Iím going to be sharing today in this article.

I learned many lessons after giving up lies telling but if I say Iím going to put them all down, it will be something five times this article. Thatís why I compiled and compressed them to form an article.

7 lessons I learned after giving up lies telling

  1. It gave me time for other things: one of the 7 lessons I learned after giving up lies telling was that, it gave me the time to focus on my studies and other areas in my life. For example, I had the time to cover my study period, had enough time to rest, had enough time to visit other family members, had time to go to church, and enough time to spend evangelizing with my Christian brothers and sisters.
  2. It gave me a free mind: In the past, I lied for almost very little or just for nothing. This habit makes it difficult for me each time Iím with people since I canít remember what I told them in the past. To certain extend, I never liked talking to anyone and tend to view others as some kind of obstacles. But after giving up lies telling, I had a sense of relief. For example, when talking to people, I donít mind about the previous discussions since theyíll be nothing (past lies) to be conscious of. This gave me some freedom of speech whenever Iím around people.
  3. I learned how to cultivate genuine love: It wasnít easy in the past making one genuine relationship since most of them were based on fantasies. But after going into personal development, I discovered that healthy relationships are based on truth, self-commitment and not deceit.
  4. I found genuine love: Most of the girls I came across during my university days were just the wrong type for me. Thatís why when i gain consciousness, I saw no need keeping them. It was when I gave up the habit of lies telling that I found Voilette my fiancť whom we equally share genuine love for each other.
  5. I learned to use will power: One of the reasons why I developed such habit happens to be because I lacked the will power to face or do what I liked and so, I usually use alibis. After giving up, I now use will power and straightforwardness in areas I lacked. For instance, when I first met Violette, instead of using alibis, I used will power to express who I am and my interest in her. Nothing was fake and thatís why weíre still keeping the relationship till date.
  6. It gave me a sense to perceive the real world: Most of the things I said in the past were just lies which never existed anywhere but in my mind. What I imagine, I make it to them as real. After breaking the spell, I now talk based on reality. It gave me the sense of noticing what is happening around me and the world and so, Iíll talk about that.
  7. It gave me self-freedom: As a result of the empty lies here and there, coupled with pressures from my few dozen girlfriends, it wasnít easy seeing me down the street in the day. I usually go shopping in the evening or sent for someone. This wasnít what I bargained for neither was it my life style. But with a sense of relief, I can now go anywhere I desire, anytime, and with anyone.

Ultimate say on the 7 lessons I learned after giving up lies telling

Based on research and my personal experiences, itís without doubt that lies or any form of faking others in order to achieve a goal is just a short cut to the truth. What happens when youíre trying to deceive others and the truth prevails, how would you feel in their presence? Lies can never be used as alibis.

If you want to see how far this statement is correct, quit all forms of lies telling. Before you know, youíll develop a new formed habit of always putting things straight as they are. Youíll lean to attract genuine friends, and equally feel at ease around others since youíre having nothing to hide or lie about.

Mr. Lazarus of the Lie Detective Center in South Africa openly pointed that ďThe lies people were doing themselves were only a reflection of themselves in future.Ē and he was correct. No matter how small you lie, its consequences continuously accumulating until itís released, else, it continues doubling for the price to be paid later.

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