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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

6 reasons why you should quit your job

Should you quit your job?

Before you proceed with further reading of this article, I want you to know that this article is in no way encouraging anyone in quitting his/her job. My purpose behind this article is to raise up certain points about the nature of your job that determine whether it’s the right choice or some kind of time burner.

This is because, from most of the mails I get from the contact form, it shows that many people due to certain circumstances beyond their wish are forced to find themselves in the wrong professions. Generally, such people are never totally satisfied with what they called job. Everything about the job is just nothing but bundles of time wastage and failures here and there and this indicates something wrong at least, somewhere along the line.

Therefore, the 6 reasons mentioned below will act as some kind of reflection or mirror of your job, yourself and what you feel about it even though you were totally unconscious of certain facts.

6 reasons why you should quit your job

  1. Lost of social contact: Does your job schedule requires the most of your time? Does your job keep you away from your friends and other society and social activities? Do other people complain of your total absence in their lives? If the majority of your answers to these questions appear to be yes, then you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the significance of the 6 reasons why you should quit your job is when the job deprives you from having time for your social activities and other family affairs. Imagine one of your friends having a birthday on Friday and you could not attend, how would he/she feels? Yes, it’s understandable you can always make an excuse for that but the question now is how long will that continue? For how long would you continue filing excuses?
  2. Spend much effort than paid for: One of the reasons why you should quit your job is if the services you render are not up to what you are paid for. This was one of the reasons why I quit my first job. At a certain time, I was totally conscious that I was actually investing too much of time and effort compared to what I get in return and so, it did not take me that long to quit and divert my attention to something else. If you’re paid less than what you offer, then where do the additional services you render go to? I know you don’t want to be a jackal, right? Else, you should have worked for free.
  3. Is your job boring? It is common to hear people say something like this “ha, this work is boring”, “am tired of this job”. It’s without doubt that such people who make such comments and continue working suffer psychologically as a result of not doing what they wanted in life. The worst part of it being that when you tend to do what you are not gifted, you tend to react poorly in the field. Most people who suffer from this actually know what am talking about.
  4. Wrong career choices: Do you know that as a result of wrong career choices, many people get involved in the wrong professions? What do you think makes people desperately take a certain office/job/position and not that long, they begin to complain? This is nothing far from wrong career choices and this is one of the reasons why such persons must quit since no one likes evolving on same spot and thinking they are progressing.
  5. Beyond your wish: In this situation, a person consciously head for a profession not by his wish but to feel accepted by parents, friends, prestigious reasons etc. If you are in such circumstances, progress will be faraway since your main focus is not the job but to see or ensure some other person’s happiness. Now, what about yourself, are you there for the job or for external forces?
  6. Lost of family contacts: One of the most of the 6 reasons why you should quit your job has to do with the kind of relationship you now have with the members of your family. For example, suppose that as a result of this job, you no longer have the time to spend with your children, wife/husband or that you are now rarely seen when it concerns family gatherings or meetings, therefore your definition of job is wrongly defined.

Final words on why you should quit your job

As you can see from what is mentioned above, it is no wonder why some people may have a good job yet they live all the time with complaints all over their lips. If you happened to find yourself in such cases, then you must do something about it.

I am in no way saying you should quit your job but what I want you to know here is that you can still find a way to improve on your job without necessarily having to quit especially if it’s your only financial source of income.

For example, if the nature of your family highly depends on the job, then it would be unwise to do such a thing but on the other hand, if you find an alternative, then switch to what you like most because that is where your promotion or credit will come. This is because when you like and vest in something, in return, you tend to excel better in it.

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