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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

6 reasons why married life is good

6 reasons why married people are contented

When Mark was living a bachelor life, his thoughts of singlehood were just measures taken to justify his actions. After graduating and taking up a job, he now had a different perspective about bachelor and married life. In the past, he just wanted to escape unwanted situations but now, without the existence of a life partner, he felt uncompleted. He admitted this when he said “Next to me is my wife whom I find so dear to me. She’s a source of inspirations, comfort, and strength.”

In this article, I’m going to point out 6 reasons why married life is good but before I proceed, I want you to know that these reasons are just a fraction compared to the overall reasons why people pursue married life even in periods of odds in their lives.

6 reasons why married life is good

  1. Married people are less tempted: If you’ve taken the time to spot out the sort of life unmarried people live, you’ll discover that most of them usually possess a dozen lovers for themselves. It’s because of this reason why the majority of them are never stable; running from one girl/boy to the other. But this is the reverse with married people. Once a person is married, he/she is bent to remain faithful to his/her partner even in times of pressure. This is one of the qualities of a good spouse. All this comes down to the fact that when you’re married, you’re less tempted.
  2. married life keeps you from venereal diseases: In 2009, a research on venereal disease was carried out on three groups of people; children, youth, and the old. When the outcome was released, it was certain that young people possess more of it than the other age groups. Now, where is the highest percentage of unmarried people coming from? Youth! This therefore implies that, as a result of married life, many couples are free from venereal diseases and other contagious ones not leaving out HIV and its related followers.
  3. Seeing a great spouse and kids each day: Another reason why married life is good is that, through it, you bring forth children and a great family. One of the nicest things I happen to experience is the comfort and happiness being with your children and someone you love as a spouse. Do you know what it means to come home from work and be embraced by your kids and spouse? Do you know the joy that comes being each day with a great family? If you’re not married, you may not have experienced this but I know married people know about this better.
  4. They have no hassle: Have you seen a bachelor/spinster coming home? That’s the time he/she begins doing all sort of things from preparing something to eat, washing the dishes, arranging chores, laundry, resting etc. Imagine coming home from school or some long walk only to start doing this? How does it feel? But this is the reverse with married life. Married people have a complete different view about this in the sense that everything is usually done on or before time. For example, they have no time running after restaurants since their foods are always on the dining table waiting, they have little or no time for laundry since house mates are always there, they have no time chasing girls/boys because they have a beautiful spouse at home. All these come only when you’re married.
  5. married life gives you a new social status: One of the 6 reasons why married life is good is that it allows people to perceive you positively. When Olivia got married, she starts taking note of the kind of discussions she participated in and on the other hand, her friends respected that. Felix even admitted that, his early promotion came as a result of his skills but more so, because he was married and appeared to be responsible. Even in our societies, you’ll see that married people tend to be respected and that’s how it happens everywhere.
  6. Married people are complete: Do you know why even a man/woman appears to be rich and famous without having a wife or husband appears to others as being uncompleted? The answer is simple! Even the Holy Bible says a man will leave his/her father and cling to his partner and the two will become one. This therefore means that, if you’re not married, you’re not yet complete according to Bible standards and in the eyes of mankind.

Final words on why married life is good

As you can see from what is mentioned above, there’re many advantages that come alongside being married. The majority of age people have always considered marriage as a form of joy and infinity happiness. And it’s no wonder why the Holy Bible and Family Planning around recommend marriage and so, they come up with marriage guides.

If you doubt this statement, ask any person who’s been married for some years how it feels being married. When you do, take a pen and start taking down his words and by the time you’re done, you must have written something three times this article.

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