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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

5 reasons why spouses cheat on each other

5 causes of cheating in marriages and relationships

A research was carried out after which it proofs that in every 100% of marriages, only about 28% of the spouses stick to each other which equally means that about 72% of spouses cheat on their partners immediately or after marriage.

The obvious question is that, do you think itís anyoneís self-desire to cheat? Another question of this is, if itís nobody wish for it, then, where did the desire came from or can somebody love you and then later cheat on you? These are some of the questions I will be addressing in this article (5 reasons why spouses cheat on each other) today.

This is one of the most important marital issues that really has to be addressed properly since itís like the percentage of why spouses cheat on each other is fast growing up. Therefore, in this article, I intend to lay out some of the main causes for it, right? But there is one thing I have to be certain about which is the fact that I canít make a mockery of myself by emphasizing that the points I will mention are the total causes for cheating, else, except you will be ready to read something forty times of this article.

5 reasons why spouses cheat on each other

  1. Inadequate sexual satisfaction: This is the most important of all the reasons in the sense that if you investigate critically as to why spouses cheat on each other, you will discover that, one way or another, it has to do with sexual desires. This therefore means that, if one of the spousesí main focuses behind the marriage was to satisfy this need, then without enough of it will certainly lead to cheating so as to satisfy this sexual urge.
  2. Others were born under the star: If a child who grows up socially with the opposite sex, the probability that this will continue in the nearest future is very high. For example, suppose a man who usually engaged in many forms of relationship with the opposite sex decides to get married and bear children, what do you think will be the outcome of his marital status? The probability that he will at least return to his old life style is very high thereby cheating on the other partner. Itís no wonder why all the programs for family planning we have around emphasize on courtship before marriage. At least, this gives you the time to spot out certain negative and positive aspects of your spouse before marriage.
  3. Mist of wrong company: Another reason why spouses cheat on each other is when he/she interacts with the wrong people. This is why itís very normal for a spouse to be faithful and later develops certain strange criteria in their marriage. George was a faithful guy and he makes sure that he does everything humanly possible to secure his relationship with his girlfriend, Marylyn. They almost shared the good and bad moments together until George met Justlain who could not take from him and for Gorge to keep up with the friendship, he had to answer to Justlainís ways. Not that long, George was as well a drunkard, chaser, and gambler just like his friend. Most of their parties were such that Marylyn could not attend and for George not to go contrary, he had to start hiring street girl. Now, the obvious question is that, what if George had not known Justlain or anyone such as Justlain, would he had cheated? Research also proofs that among the reasons as to why spouses cheat, wrong company highly contribute.
  4. Sudden change of attitudes: Another reason why spouses cheat on each other may be as a result of sudden change of characters. For example, a guy might find a certain girl attractive probably because she matches his love map and later on in the matrimonial home, he sees but the reverse of whom he thought was a soul mate and at this point, itís totally certain he is disappointed, right? This is the point he starts cheating in order to get a replacement or someone who at least can provide what his spouse could not or what he fails to find in his partner.
  5. Change of circumstances: In this situation, a spouse cheats when he/she fails to meet up with the high expectation when the courtship was favorable and in most of this cases, it happens most with females. At first, Joe usually supplied everything to Prisca and even when they got married, the going was still smooth until when life turns the other way round for Joe as it was now difficult to make it up to Prisca. With the sort of treatment she got from Joe, it was now really hard to bear the situation and so, she starts engaging in secret relationships behind Joeís knowledge. As you can see, as a result of change of circumstances, some spouses might cheat on their partners in order to satisfy their unmet needs but remember that a good spouse will always be there for you in times of pains.

Final say as to why spouses cheat on each other

As I mentioned above, there are many reasons why after expressing heart fell love to a partner, he/she tends to dupe you without any meaningful background. But I usually tell my students that, everything happens with a purpose. Without purpose nothing will exist.

The main reason behind cheating in all most all cases has to do with at least one, if not two or more of the points listed above. So whenever you come across any sign of cheating, try to see if you can identify out some of this aspects.

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