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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - April 13th, 2013

5 good things I like about criticisms

5 good things I like about criticisms

It's common to hear people say they don't like criticism, that it's very bad. Everyone is entitled to what he or she wants to think or believe and i haven't seen anything wrong with that yet. They're talking from their experiences. I recently found it that the majority of people usually look at the worse parts of things especially in situations like lost of job, misunderstanding among spouses/friends, criticisms etc. and usually pay a deft eye to the other part of it.

Do you know that every bad experience we come across is usually blended with some degree of good experiences? Has someone ever criticizes you and you turn around and view it as a reflection of something you never knew? Has someone ever criticizes you and in turn, serves as a path for conscious growth?

But it should also be noted that only a few percentage of criticisms tend to portray values and the rest are usually fostered by self-interest and jealousy.

Today, I'm going to be talking on the 5 good things I like about criticism and how you can view criticism as a source of growth rather than insult. This is because criticisms in most cases usually carry hidden massages very few know about. If you're a merchant or manager of a company, you surely know what Im talking better.

5 good things I like about criticisms

  1. Criticisms reflect the mistake part: I happen to be writing lengthy articles. I write about 500-750 words per article and sometimes, even 900 on certain topics. But this isn't how I began writing when the site was first launched in 2011. In fact my articles were usually 250-450 words at most. Two years after launching the site, Shanto Ray, an author and freelancer from India fling some hideous criticisms about the site and my writing schemes. I was like kind of mad at this guy but when I forgot the fact that it was criticism, I began interpreting some hidden messages in it. I finally came to see that he was right after all: Just a fraction of short length articles really provide any useful value. As i drifted from writing 250-450 words to 500-750 words I began seeing the impact on the site and my readers. I began receiving positive feedbacks daily and not that long my traffic began increasing daily from referrals. Sometimes, criticism is just a player that reflects our weaknesses and where we went wrong.
  2. Criticisms reflect the minds of others: One of the 5 things I like about criticism is that when someone criticizes you, it equally lets you know what others must be thinking as well. Even if you're not very right, at least you're somewhere closer to the truth. Not only would you know what is running in the minds of other packs, but it certainly let you know how to confront such people in future.
  3. Criticisms discard chaffs from the grains: One of the best ways you can know someone's true personality is through criticism and based on how they criticize you, you just know if they're a friend or just some kind of enemy. From there, if it was a good criticism you can still maintain your connection otherwise you just let it go completely. When Shanto Ray criticized me I was smart enough to discover that it was a good one and not that long we started exchanging some friendly mails to the point that he even suggested I write articles for his clients. Sometimes, criticisms let you know who to connect with better, who to connect less and who not to even.
  4. Criticisms test you: Among the 5 good things i like about criticism is that it tests who you really are. Let's say someone says your best isn't enough or that you're not a bright student and you go feeling bad. To me, this criticism tends to ask you just two things. The first is that; can you improve your learning skills or do you decide to remain a jerk? Criticism is just a player letting us know how we can respond to negative feedbacks and how to use them as a path for conscious growth. This is a skill we really ought to acquire.
  5. Criticisms let us know the right path to follow: Another good thing about criticisms is that it lets us know if what we're into is the right path or just some dead-end persuade. When I began this website I got some few dozen criticisms but the positive ones were sufficient enough to let me know I was on the right path and so the negative ones didn't move me. If you're doing something and the number of positive feedbacks are way too far from the odds then you're on the right path. If someone criticizes you, then it's time you ask yourself; how many people are behind? Are they alone? Are they persuaded by self-interest? Are they in support? If the outcome isn't favorable, don't waste the bulk of your time processing their feedbacks.

5 good things I like about criticisms

Most people easily get upset over negative comments receive from others but this isn't my style. Criticism is a daily part of life which everyone should somehow learn to cope with. I get enormous feedbacks from people both positive and negative and I welcome them all.

If I have to be getting mad over criticisms from people, I would have been dead by now. I consider 70% of criticisms as a way for me to grow consciously. At least knowing how your friends, family members, class mates, colleagues etc. think and feel about you is really a good thing.

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