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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

4 reasons why you should start a website ll

The advantages of a website

This is the follow up of my previous article, ‘4 reasons why you should start a website l’ where I gave some points and make comparison between the online world and the real world. But since I could not explain all the advantages and reasons behind starting up a website in the previous article, I will continue from where I stopped, right?

Unlike the previous article I wrote, I am going to approach this topic from two perspectives; from the direction of the online world and the path of the real business world. I know in judging matters, am not a good judge but in this case, you will be a better judge in assessing the bellow facts.

Below are the 4 reasons why you should start a website and the ease at which to start it without doing much when compared to the businesses found in the real world.

A money making generated system

There is no form of business in the real world that you can set up and expect a money generated system without exchanging your time for it. But with the case of businesses in the online world, this is the exact opposite. Setting up a website is one of the easiest ways of making money today if you managed to be successful.

One of the main 4 reasons why you should start a website is its money making generated system. When you want to set up a website, you do just a one time work (to set it up) and do other little things like marketing (which robots can even do it for you), then you are done. That’s a system you have setup like that and will now be working for you, making good money for you even when you are in bed.

Like with the case of my website (, I don’t spend much time blogging since I consider 3hrs working a day to be nothing compared to its result. So, I spent the bulk of my time running other errands and creating time for my friends and family members while the system generates money for me. The only time I consider as being much is when I have to go to the bank and after waiting, start signing some weird papers.

Starting a website is the beginning of self-freedom

Do you know that they are many people who left their jobs not because the jobs were not good but because of the hassle and stiff policies of the jobs? One of my friends had to resigned his job after realising that he no longer have time for his family, social life and he spends most of his time answering some weird titles like ‘yes sir’, ‘ok Boss, ‘I will’ etc. and so he quit.

One of the reasons why you should start a website is that you’ll never have time to answer to anyone. This means that you work and end at any given self-desired time, decide what to do, take the decisions etc. without consulting anyone. This gives you the free will to exercise self-freedom at any given time, thereby carrying out other activities and even other forms of business as well.

For example, prior to this website, I am planning to come up with other forms of business since I recently discovered that I spend little time on the site and waste too much time which could have been invested in other activities.

You have very little or nothing to lose

If you are new in the world of business and want to invest, the worst thing would be to invest in certain forms of business in the real world. This is because no one can guarantee the existence and future of any given business since no one never knows when failure arrives. Now, what happens if you invest in a certain business and encountered bankrupt?

But this is far from thinking so when starting a website. One of the reasons why you should start a website boils down to the consciousness that failure is rare and if you failed, you have nothing to lose since very little or nothing was invested. The first website I started was from a free plan which I ordered from (

If I had not succeeded, what would I have lost when I never paid for anything (even the articles, I wrote them out of desire and love doing that even for the sake of nothing)? Even when I now bought the dot com domain (, I still see it as very little because $19 is a small amount to lose when testing a business and that was the total expenditure of this website.

No need waiting for time approval

In a the real world, a business man can have all what it takes to setup successfully but yet he can’t just go ahead like that without filling certain documents, paying taxes and the rest. And this process also delays it from becoming operational.

But someone about to start a website after having the necessary content to show the public starts at once. This is because, once he pays for a domain name, it takes just some few minutes or an hour to appear live without having to consult anyone or start invading offices.

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