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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

4 reasons why you should start a website

The advantages of a website

Everyone knows that starting up a business is good but very few people are aware that setting up a business goes beyond just that. This is because starting a business is not all that matters but also factors such as the kind of business, the possibility of failure or success, where to set it up, and how to target its right customers.

Due to these many worries and doubt about starting up a business, I came to discover that one of the easiest ways to get over these worries or make the right choice in the world of business is to first of all start by testing the medium of that business. And how do you do that when before you try it, you have to invest in it? The answer to this question may be somehow difficult when setting the business in the real world.

But to me, I believe the only form of business you can try without investing that much or nothing at all is starting a website and it’s because of this reason I came up with these 7 reasons why you should start a website.

I am going to approach this topic in a broad way which will be understandable and in this method, I am going to be making comparison with other forms of businesses in the real world as compared to starting a website as a means of making money. Below are some of the major advantages of a website and some of the reasons why you should start a website today;

No setup fee required to start a website

Do you know that starting up a website is one of those kind of businesses which demands very little or no setup amount? A good example is this website ( When I first started this website, I wanted to be sure of what am about to do, so I started it penniless by ordering a free hosting plan from

After some few months, I started making some dollars and discovered that this was the kind of business I could invest in and I now ordered a dot com domain ( for just $19 which was equivalent to nothing and the money came from the site. So, this method can be a good and risk free way to try it since you have nothing to lose. If it’s successful, you continue on the right path and if it doesn’t, you just keep it small.

Your business or website starts instantly

Another reason why you should start a website is that, when everything has been done, your business/website starts instantly. You don’t go through long and weird processes like filling piles of documents here and there, waiting for approval etc. before you can start as with the case of the businesses found in the real world.

Do you know that you can start a website under few hours and start making money from it? This is very certain because I am one of those people who managed to do it. Immediately I launched this website, I was very eager to let my friends, family members and the world know about this website, so I hurry and shared the site on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Within just 8hours, I made about $3 and that was from Google Adsense and from there, it continues going up.

Very little or no knowledge required to start

Another reason why you should start a website is the ease at which to start contrary to other forms of businesses. This is because, there is hardly or no other form of business which you can start with very little or no expertise or knowledge of it, except for those businesses which people can only buy out of pity but on the other hand, this is the reverse with website.

This is because you can start a website with very little knowledge since most of the coding and scripts are being done by software and almost all hosting companies offer easy to understand tutorial for beginners with standby team of staffs always online to tackle any difficulties you may have setting up your sites.

Everything next is just gain gain

One of the important reasons of starting up a website is the desire to know that once it is set up, everything next will just be gain and nothing else but gain. For example, if you setup a successful website and it starts generating income, everything will be nothing but profit since there is nothing to buy and sell (no round process).

All the money am making from Google Adsense and other sources of income like the books I sell goes directly to my bank account. When I sell a book, I don’t go to buy or print another to replace it. I only wrote the book once and continue selling but the copies and this is one of the reasons why you should start a website. Starting up a website demands just a one time work and the system keeps generating money for you even when you are asleep.

Just an article like this is not enough to bring out all the advantages and reasons why you should start a website and it is for this reason that I wrote part 2 of this article which will give you a complete understanding behind a website and what it can do. You can find the second part of this article here.

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