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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

3 things about church goers

3 things about church goers

If you walked down the streets on Sundays you'll see enormous number of people making their ways to their various churches. If you watched well you'd probably see me.

When people see others making their ways, nothing comes into their minds other than church goers. I think they're right but looking at it from another angle, certain questions pop into our minds such as; why do people go to church even? Why others do and some the reverse? Do all these people believe in God? Why would one society become actively involved in religious activities than others?

In the past, such questions bothered me. I wanted to get answers to these unmet questions and so I began conducting some studies. After my assignment was accomplished I came out with 3 reasons why people go to church.

If you try another research yours wouldn't be any different, and if you managed to interrogate any church goer you'd finally end up seeing that he falls somewhere along the three groups of church goers.

#1 Those who believe in God's existence and fear punishment in the next world

When I began propping better, I discovered that some people are consciously aware of God's existence both in the heavens and on earth and I happened to be one. You'll discover that people of these group do just anything to live in accordance with Bible's principles and even apply them in their daily lives and in the society in general

Ask them for help and you'll finally escape the help you seek. Tell them you're God fearing and see how you'll become just like a brother. They do all these with hope of reaping eternal life and avoiding punishment in the next world. This one reason is sufficient enough to make them become regular church goers and strive to be pure just like the Creator.

They believe their purpose on earth isn't necessarily to serve themselves but Jehovah first. They put God ahead of everything and show gratitude to Him by converting others to seek the truth and walk in the path of righteousness.

#2 A source of attaining unmet needs

People who are poverty stricken or men full of life's burdens are likely to do just anything in order to get these loads off their shoulders. They become receptive if you offered to render some kind of help.

But when no solution is forth coming, they tend to seek refuge in the church with the aim that God is going to do some miracles in their lives. These people hardly or rarely believe in God, they only believe in God's generosities and wonders. It's no wonder why after sometime without any self-satisfaction or means of projecting the future hopes, they quit the church and start looking somewhere else.

I guess this is the reason why self-satisfied people in life rarely take part in church activities since they're not influenced. If they decide to take any active religious service, they're not influenced or manipulated by anything but God's existence, and so become just like the first group. But it shouldn't be forgotten that these group and the following one carry the majority of people.

#3 At least, everyone is participating!

With these group, they really don't know what they're doing. They consider the habit of going to church just like any other good routine. They don't want to be seen different and so follow the masses since it's like everyone is participating.

It's no wonder almost everyone has become a church goer but yet mankind's sufferings are getting nowhere near solutions.

The reason behind this is because the churches these days are dominated by such people who have very little or no knowledge about God's existence. That’s why they look like saints in churches but practice the reverse on to others and the society.

Which group do you belong?

This article is sufficient enough as to let you examine which of these groups you fall among. At least getting a clue on the 3 things about church goers draws your consciousness as to why you're going to church and the reason behind, right? Hope you're somewhere among the first group!

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